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MT ST Rheological Additive
For solvent-based systems, improved performance of seed-resistant
  MT ST is a very fine white rheological additive and forms a strong network structure in paint, printing ink and coatings, with excellent thixotropic property and good dispersion, providing excellent anti-sagging, anti-settling, thickening effect.
  Applies to most of solvent-based or non-aqueous coating system.
  ·hammer finishes ·epoxies ·air-drying industrial finishes
  ·texture and transparent varnish ·architectural finishes ·anti-fouling paint
  ·chlorinated rubber coatings ·caulks and mastic ·traffic paints
  ·coloring agents, cosmetic ·asphaltic finishes  
3、Typical Physical Data
Composition inorganically modified polyamide compounds
Appearance white powder
Effective Content 100%
Size Distribution (μm) 90%<15μm
Density (g/cm3) 1.01g/cm3
Incorporation Temperature(℃) Aromatic solvent:38-52℃
Aliphatic solvent:63-74℃
  ·Easy-to- disperse, can be incorporated into coatings system by simply mixing;
  · Allows higher incorporation temperatures commonly used for high-speed dispersion machine;
  · Excellent thixotropy, anti-setting, thickening performance ;
  ·Without reducing water-resistance and weather-resistance of coatings;
  ·Is non-yellowing;
  ·Does not normally react with system components such as pigments and resins
5、Levels Of Use And Incorporation
  Levels of use: The optimum use levels of MT ST will depend on the system being formulated.In coating system, MT ST may vary from 0.2~0.8% by weight of the total formula.
  Incorporation:Shear,controlled temperature and time are required for proper activation of MT ST.High-shear disc impellers, pearl, sand, ball or triple-roll mills should be used for MT ST.
   1、Direct incorporation: Incorporation at the beginning of the dispersion. After pre-mixing the MT ST in a solvent/binder blend for about 5 minutes, other ingredients can be added and the system processed in the normal way.
   2、Pre-gel: With 10% of the MT ST thixotropic additive, 10% butanol, or isopropanol, 80% of xylene by total formula weight for high-speed dispersion.Incorporate temperature should not be less than 40 ℃ and mixing temperature should not exceed 80 ℃, otherwise it will affect the use effect!
  Levels of use : 3% -5% (in the form of pre-gel)
  In the above temperature range, shear force as much as possible should be applied to MT ST in the disperse proces. Dispersed or abrasive, the stronger the better, sooner.
  15kg/ multi-ply paper bags

  All data including the formula are true. However, we strongly recommend that customers should test in their own laboratory or equipments to confirm, Meitexiang guarante to be the holder of MT series additive formulations patent. The customers must comply with local laws and regulations of the patent.
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