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MT PLUS Rheological Additive
Cost effective seed-resistant organic thixotrope for solvent-based systems.
1、 Description
  MT PLUS is a 100% active, seed resistant organic rheological additive.MT PLUS efficiently provides viscosity, thixotropy and sag control in both conventional and high build systems.It can be widely used in paints, printing ink and coating systems .
2、 Applications
  Applies to most of solvent-based or non-aqueous coating system.
  ,industrial coatings ,high solids aromatic paints ,epoxy polyamide topcoats
  ,polyester coatings ,adhesives and sealants ,2K polyurethane systems
  ,chlorinated rubber primer and topcoats ,vinyl topcoats ,aromatic traffic paints
3、 Typical Physical Data
Composition modified polyamide
Appearance off -white*
Effective Content 100%
Size Distribution (μm) 90%<15μm
Density (g/cm3) 1.01 g/cm3
4、 Attributes
  ,High efficiency seed-resistant properties, its performance can not be effected by high-temp and long-time process, allows high processing, packaging and storage temperatures without seeding.
  ,Outstanding thixotropic and anti-sagging performance. Due to the addition of MT PLUS, systems can own high thixotropic performance and sagging of thick coatings can be prevented.
  ,Excellent leveling performance, flow property and workability can be improved.
  ,Excellent anti-settling properties, settling of pigment can be reduced much
  ,It can be used in almost all solvent-based systems.
5、 Levels Of Use And Incorporation
  Levels of use : 0.2-2.0% of total system weight(to improve in the antisettling activity of the system from 0.2 to 0.5% , for effective flow control range from 0.5 to 2%)
  Incorporation:MT PLUS can be introduced at any stage of production. We recommend to be introduced at the beginning of the manufacturing process in order to guarantee sufficient wetting and dwell time to ensure complete activation 
  We recommend with high shearing force. MT PLUS requests special processing temperature and dwell time to develop optimum properties. During the pigment dispersion phase, sufficient shear will be applied and at the same time MT PLUS will benefit from the temperature developed during this process to ensure maximum performance.
  Order addition for MT PLUS in typical high speed disperser:
   1、 Resin/Solvent (mix)
   2、MT PLUS (mix 5-10 minutes)
   3、Surfactants (if any) (mix)
   4、Pigments (disperse and stay within appropriate processing temperature range for 15-30 minutes)
   5、 Let down (mix until uniform)
   Recommended* processing temperatures are:
Aliphatic: 66-71≧
Aromatic: 49-54≧
Oxygenated: 43-49≧
6、 Compatible Brand
  Elementis THIXATROL PLUS, Kusumoto Disparlon6700 6650
7、 Package
  15kg/ multi-ply paper bags

  All data including the formula are true. However, we strongly recommend that customers should test in their own laboratory or equipments to confirm, Meitexiang guarante to be the holder of MT series additive formulations patent. The customers must comply with local laws and regulations of the patent.
   Note: This description is based on our and other people¨s (institutions) study, and we believe its accuracy, but we do not guarantee its accuracy.Of the products that buyers should know that he should be self-tests to determine the specific uses of the products in its applicability. The responsibility (if there) of us (suppliers) is limited to exchange the products. The use of the products is not to infringe on any patent or copyright for the purpose.
  * Powder¨s color slightly different from the distribution of white to pale yellow according to raw materials¨ color, and the quality will not be affected
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