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MT 6900-20H Rheological Additive
Antisettling, Anti-sagging, Thickener, for solvent-based coatings, printing ink
   MT 6900-20H is a modified paste polyamide thixotropic additive. In the paint, printing ink and coating to form a strong network structure, with excellent thixotropic property and good dispersion, providing excellent anti-sagging, anti-settling, thickening effect.
2、Typical Physical Data
Composition modified polyamide compounds
Appearance translucent white soft wax
Effective Content 20%
Solvent xylene and alcohol
Density (g/cm3) 0.89g/cm3
3、Properties And Applications
   1、 Easy-to-disperse, can be incorporated into coatings system by simply mixing.
   2、 To improve the system’s stability, and thixotropic properties, suitable the anti-setting of glass powder, aluminum paste, pearl powder,and help aluminum powder, pearl powder flake to orient and enhance the flash effect
   3、 Good compatibility with resin, does not affect the glossy, and can increase of the hardness of paint film 
   4、 Need’t heat treatment to activation, can use in a wide range of temperature(25℃-60℃)
   5、 Activation do not need heat treatment, the use of a wide range of temperatures (25 ℃ -60 ℃).
  Applies to most of solvent-based or non-aqueous coating ,paint ink,caulk adhesive, UV curing system, etc.
  Applicable solvents such as toluene, xylene, butyl acetate, ethylene glycol butyl ether, ethanol, etc.
  It is mainly used in the following resin-based material of the primer, filler, and aluminum powder, pearl powder topcoat: alkyd resin, acrylic resin, polyurethane asphalt / epoxy tar / asphalt chlorinated rubber epoxy resins unsaturated polyester thermosetting melamine
  alkyd resin acrylic resin polyurethane asphalt/ epoxy tar / asphalt epoxy resin unsaturated polyester thermosetting melamine resin epoxy / polyamide resin acrylic / polyurethane
5、Levels Of Use And Incorporation
  Levels of use: 1.0-5.0% total system weight
  Incorporation: In high-speed dispersion, the temperature is optimally controlled at below 60 ℃, stirring time of less than 30 minutes.The best way is: make pre-dispersed slurry then disperse the MT 6900-20X with limited shear in a short period of time.
   1) Direct incorporation: Add resins, solvents and MT 6900-20X,pre-mix directly, high-speed disperse 5 minutes, the temperature at 30 ℃ -60 ℃, and then add the other components.
   2) Master batch preparation: A master batch may be prepared by dispersing the paste in a vehicle and/or solvent which can be addedto the finished paint. Master batch formula: 6900-20H(20%) solvent(40%) resin(40%))
  Steps: ① Put the above materials into vehicle
     ② Pre-mixing at speed of 1000-1500 r / min until for 2-3min until uniformly
     ③ Then mixing 15-30 minutes at speed of 2000-3000 r / min, temperature at below 60 ℃.
  note:In order to avoid the accumulation of air in the slurry , mixing blades should be moved up and down.
6、Compatible Brand
  MT 6900-20H is fully compatible with the following brands: 
  Kusumoto Disparlon PFA231
7、Storage And Operation
  1、 Products stored in a cool well-ventilated place, away from heat and fire
  2、 Products containing solvents, operation to avoid direct contact with skin and eyes
  Iron bucket, net weight 17 kg

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